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when done well, anarchy, communism and democracy are the same

Die Türkei geht weiter hart gegen kurdische Stellungen in Syrien und im Irak vor. Seit Sonntag wurden nach eigenen Angaben bereits Hunderte Ziele angegriffen. Auch die Hochburg Kobane stand unter Artilleriebeschuss.
Militäroffensive der Türkei: Rund 500 kurdische Ziele attackiert

Blog style post on Big Social Media censorship driven by autocratic states with examples about #Rojava 

Tonight, #Kurdistan is under attack. In #Mehabad , #Rojhelat . the Islamic Republic of #Iran is trying to repress the feminist uprising sparked by the murder of #MahsaAmini .

In #Rojava and #Başûrê , in an effort to shore up his falling polling numbers over the bad economy, #Erdogan (#RTE) is again "wagging the dog" to attack Kurds and maintain his electoral alliance with the war-mongering Turkish nationalist #MHP . Erdogan is once again bombing #Kobani , the city that defied ISIS. Erdogan is once again attacking the #SDF, #YPG and YPJ that defeated ISIS in #Raqqa and liberated the trapped Yazidi people at #Sinjar. In #Bakur, Erdogan continues his repression of the feminist , socialist , pro-Kurdish #HDP .

Its difficult to hear dissident, Kurdish and women's voices when autocratic states wage war against Kurds, women and dissidents. #Twitter, for all its faults, was one of the few places where regular information could be more easily found.

While folks are rightly listing their grievances with Twitter, and Twitter has bent to autocratic demands by banning dissident information from appearing in certain countries and banning some accounts, this is an even bigger problem with Facebook and Reddit.

Facebook's 2nd highest executive buckled to Erdogan during Turkey's invasion of Afrin, by banning the YPG's page with its half a million followers. We have the receipts:


On a smaller scale, Reddit recently banned /r/rojava , a news subreddit active since 2014 on spurious claims of "violence". It had 34,458 subscribers. I was one of its senior redditors. Thousands of posts about Rojava with detailed information that can not be found easily anywhere else. Unique English translations of articles in Arabic or Kurmanji from websites that no longer exist, or messages that have been erased in social media.

/r/rojava had been brigaded before by Erdogan's AKTrolls who would manipulate the algorithmic moderation to temporarily block posts or users. We had been able to overcome those past attempts.


I highly suspect that Jessica Ashooh, former consultant to the Kurdistan Regional Government ( #KRG) , former Deputy Director, Middle East Strategy Task Force for the #AtlanticCouncil and currently the Senior Director of Policy at Reddit would have been consulted and approve of the banning of htttps://www.reddit.com/r/rojava

Ashooh would have been aware of it as a source and the differences between it compared to /r/syriancivilwar and /r/kurdistan . The speed by which reddit.com/r/aanes (a new subreddit that had no post that could even be construed as discussion violence and was tightly moderated to share articles about the Autonomous Administration of North East Syria--AANES ) suggest the ban on it and /r/rojava were political motivated.





It will be some time before a decentralized federation of social media and news sites will be able to gain the reach that the walled garden sites like Twitter have. Its is absolutely essential that a decentralized federation of social media and news sites does grow to have that sort of reach. Otherwise, dissident voices will always be subject to repression by the collusion of profiteering billionaires and autocrat tyrants.

So, if you want to help with that growing that decentralized communication... maybe boost this post?

( If I'm wrong about Ashooh banning /r/rojava , she also has the power to unban it. )

P.S. This post is way to long to have ever appeared on Twitter, so thats pretty cool.

Der #Bundestag debattiert diese Woche den Haushalt, was langweilig klingt, aber da geht's halt darum, was die mit dem Geld machen und was nicht: Nicht langweilig at all.

12:10 - Wohnungspolitik
13:55 - Frauen, Familien, Jugend, Senior*innen
15:40 - Digitalpolitk
17:25 - Klima, Atompolitik, (digitaler) Verbraucherschutz

-> bundestag.de

Today i learned a lot about Putin and Fascist Ideology thanks to this Video.
Putinism is alive and well and getting nurtured by people all around the globe.

A key thing I've learned about Mastodon: When you find people you know and want to keep up with, don't just follow them — add them to a list!

Merely following is not enough, b/c their posts may not show up in your feed at a time you're logged on. Unlike FB or Twitter, Mastodon has no algorithm to resurface your friends' posts from hours or days ago.

So create a list called "Friends" and check it when you're on. This will ensure that you see what they posted while you were away.

Today i learned a lot about Putin and Fascist Ideology thanks to this Video.
Putinism is alive and well and getting nurtured by people all around the globe.

Are there that i can spam on other social media platforms so other People come here?

i believe in hell. i believe hell is a thing that we can build right here and now . and it will boost thge economy

Tw*tter, M*sk 

What a true "genius innovator" would have done when acquiring :

- invite Experts (like those two people link.springer.com/article/10.1 ) from all related fields to a summit like @bits_und_baeume

- listen to their advice

- build the that so desperately needs

What M*sk did:

- with ads where you can buy a blue checkmark if you are nice to him

Thanks for giving hope tho :)

Hey friend :)
watch this, its awesome

What policies do we need to break market power in the platform economy? How can we ensure that our digital futures are centered around the common good, and not profit? And what could post-capitalism in the information age look like?


Ok, Mastodon is officially a lot more awesome than I had realised. There's a federated server for everyone who's really into bitcoin, and, yes, it is full of people who are as awful as you can imagine. But, with one click, you can block the entire domain! 12.8k thousand crypto weirdos filtered out in a click. Amazing.

Durch einen Hinweis hier auf #Mastodon bin ich auf #BibBot gestoßen. Installiert, Jahresabo für 10€ bei dem Berliner Bibliotheken geklickt, perfekt. Der Scheiß funktioniert wirklich. Auf nimmer Wiedersehen #Paywall.


noch nie ein besseres Argument für die Verstaatlichung eines Konzerns gesehen als die Übernahme Twitters durch Musk

außer vielleicht der Mietmarkt

oder Energiepreise

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